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Rent a allotment on our garden.

We offer three allotments in our garden of about: 50 m2 each. There you can freely grow flowers and vegetables that you like. We have machines and tools that you can borrow free of charge for your work.

In the garden there is a toilet, café and simple storage for storage of utensils, soil etc.

We are keen that you take care of your lot well because we have many visitors and see you and your work as an important part of our garden. We already have a lot leased out with very good experience and therefore wish that three more growers want to be involved in developing our business.

The cost per lot is SEK 300 / year. You are also offered the opportunity to sell your cultivated surplus in our farm shop.

If you want to know more about our ambitions and conditions, we look forward to you contacting us.

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